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Pharmaceutical Testing

Atomic Echo has developed its activity in the industry field, in particular for pharmaceutical companies. This allows us to follow a production line as well as perform research and development studies.

Examples of Sampling

The Atomic Echo adaptability allows us to analyze a variety of sample types, such as:

  • Raw materials: powder, liquids, additives…
  • End product: tablet, syrup, capsule…

Areas of Activity

Identification of unwanted compounds
  • Stability study of a pharmaceutical
  • Appearance of unwanted compounds during the production process or the study of ageing, such as solid residues, small particles, crystals
  • Screening of contaminants (metals, solvents…)
  • Screening and chemical characterization of unknown compounds
Validation of product composition

Degree of the purity of raw materials:

  • Determination of different substances such as active principles, contaminants.
  • Control of counterfeit goods
Research and Development

Our laboratory has an R&D department which can offer you on-site new developments upon request.


Atomic Echo is a contributor to all your quality control and development projects. The analytical laboratory can meet the demands of routine toxicology analysis as well as unique requests.

Examples of Sampling

The flexibility of Atomic Echo allows us to analyze several types of sample::

  • Raw materials: powder, liquids, plant extract
  • End products: shampoo, lotion, oil, cream
  • Nails/skin
  • Specializing in Hair analyses

Areas of Activity

Metal Analysis

Following a research and development, study the laboratory adapted the preparation of samples for metal analyses in order to have the best result.

You can choose from several packages of analyses:

  • One metal, for targeted screening
  • 32 metals
  • 10 metals like Nickel, Palladium, Cobalt…
  • Four heavy metals (Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead)
Screening of Solvents
  • Screening of residual solvent, with packages containing from one unique molecule to over a hundred molecules
  • Quantification of solvent can be determined following your request
Validation of Product Composition
  • Identification and quantification of chemical compounds in a manufactured product
  • Test of Ageing – Stability study of active principles
  • Underline replacement of a molecule by another one
Research and Development

Our laboratory has an R&D department which can offer you on-site new developments upon request.

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Atomic Echo can be a partner for the control of your employees’ environment or the bio monitoring of employees.

Breath Assay

There are two types of samples:

  • Passive sample with a Gabie Patch, which shows exposure during the working day
  • Active sample with a breath pump, which show a toxic concentration in a specific area of choice

Bio Monitoring

The employee can be monitored:

  • Blood analysis or/and urine analysis for a recent exposure to a toxic product.
  • Hair analysis for a multiple exposure or long term exposure (from a few days to several months)
Addictive Behavior

The consumption of alcohol and/or drugs, including mephedrone for example, has been increasing for several years. The consequences for the employee and the employer can be important. The addictive behavior can be at the beginning to absenteeism or lower productivity and for the most serious cases, accidents at work.

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