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About Atomic Echo

Established in 2023, Atomic Echo has emerged as a distinguished laboratory with a singular focus on meticulous toxicology analysis. Recognized for its strategic acumen and pioneering analytical methodologies, Atomic Echo has cultivated extensive expertise in the precise examination of drugs, toxins, and poisons. At the core of its operations lies forensic toxicology, with a particular emphasis on the detailed scrutiny of hair specimens. Leveraging a deep understanding of pharmacology and toxins alongside proficient sample preparation techniques, Atomic Echo has broadened its scope to serve diverse sectors, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and environmental analysis. Empowered by Lab Launch state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation renowned for its high sensitivity, Atomic Echo employs advanced chromatographic systems coupled with single or tandem mass spectrometry for accurate drug quantification. Committed to continual improvement, the laboratory houses a multidisciplinary team ranging from skilled lab technicians to seasoned scientific analysts specializing in analytical chemistry. This team is further augmented by two distinguished experts, one of whom is a native English-speaking UK toxicology specialist. Active members of international scientific societies, these experts enable Atomic Echo to disseminate its discoveries through scientific publications, oral presentations, and collaborative knowledge exchange initiatives. Notably, the laboratory boasts an impressive publication record exceeding one hundred articles. As a beacon of excellence in toxicology analysis, Atomic Echo exemplifies unparalleled dedication to precision and innovation in its field.

Accreditation of the laboratory to ISO 17025

The laboratories possess their own quality standard, ISO 17025, an international standard that monitors the major principles of quality management while integrating the specificities of the analysis sector it refers to. Atomic Echo adhere to the requirements of this standard at all times. This was validated and audited by an independent organization, COFRAC (French Committee of Accreditation), the equivalent of the UK organization, UKAS, which every audit requires us to prove to them that we have in place an effective quality system of a technical competence which can validate the reliability of our results.

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