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Raw Material Testing

Raw Material Testing

From nanomaterials to architectural structures, high-purity metals and alloys, Atomic Echo Labs raw material testing services are critical building blocks of many modern products. We offer raw material testing for automobiles, semiconductor devices, aircraft, sputter targets, evaporation sources, magnetic media… the list is endless. Accurate and precise determination of chemical composition helps ensure you make the right materials choice for each application.

Services for Raw Material Testing

Atomic Echo Labs has bulk and surface characterization methods that can address all chemical composition issues. Failures of materials can occur, so a good understanding of the failed surface can help avoid future problems. The use of high-resolution imaging tools can provide excellent information regarding failure mechanisms and the possible impact of contaminants and impurities on the failure. Atomic Echo Labs has a range of tools and techniques available to address this.

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Atomic Echo Labs offers a comprehensive suite of services for the mining and supply chain industries, meeting the exacting standards for tight controls of material properties, composition and chemistry. Here are just a few ways we can help:

Elemental Analysis

We offer purity evaluations and inspection of raw materials during key phases of manufacturing. This includes conformance testing to international or industrial standards to identify conforming and nonconforming materials.

Characterization of Materials

Atomic Echo Labs provides investigation of materials-related issues including the determination and classification of unknown alloys or oxygen content measurement and certification of oxygen-free materials.


Metallurgical Analysis

We perform metallurgical analysis of various metallic and non-metallic products including in-situ fracture analysis of cleaved surfaces, examination of grain size, structure and grain boundary, or corrosion and oxidation problems.

Advanced Microscopy for Raw Material Testing

Microscopy techniques are essential to investigate sample micro-structure, morphology, particle size, particle coatings and defects in bulk materials.

Surface Cleanliness for Raw Material Testing

Atomic Echo Labs can solve and monitor surface cleanliness issues regarding morphology and topography of the bulk material. We also offer surface Pb concentration determination typically for biomedical applications.

Contaminant Identification for Raw Material Testing

Unexpected and unaddressed contamination can have a dramatic impact on manufacturing processes. Therefore, it is critical to understand and control it quickly using a multi-disciplinary approach.

Example Material – Glass

Glass Analysis

Glass is a crucial element in numerous applications. For over 40 years, Atomic Echo Labs has been involved in the entire value chain, from raw starting material to final products. 

Compositional Analysis of Glass

Glass development and glass product verification requires the measurement of composition with high accuracy, and Atomic Echo Labs offers a broad portfolio for compositional analysis.

Glass Defect Analysis

Glass melting is a complex process. Atomic Echo Labs uses a multi-technique analysis to investigate glass faults and defects that are inherent to the glass production process.

We understand the need for first-to-market breakthrough technologies, and Atomic Echo Labs can collaborate to provide results-driven solutions to the most complex of analytical investigations. Our experienced experts will work with your team to troubleshoot and choose the right material for your application or improve a manufacturing process.

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