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High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry

The Q-TOF (Quadruple-Time-Of-flight) HRMS mass spectrometer (Xevo G2-XS) contains the XS collision cell, StepWaveTM ion optics and QuanTof technology to deliver superior sensitivity, selectivity and robustness with mass accuracy, analysis speed and dynamic range to provide comprehensive qualitative and quantitative information, particularly for large molecule analysis (Biologics, ADC, Biosimilars, Monoclonal Antibodies and Therapeutic Proteins).

Ideal Uses of HRMS

  • Peptide mapping and sequencing
  • Intact mass and glycoform analysis
  • Post-Translational Modifications (PTM) analysis, including oxidation, deamidation and disulfides
  • Related protein and impurity analysis


  • Provides comprehensive accurate mass information in a single analysis by MSe technology
  • Detects more low-level components in complex protein samples
  • Designed and well-suited for large molecule analysis


  • Large volume of data to process requires experienced mass spectrometrist to operate

HRMS Technical Specifications

  • TOF mass range: 20–100,000 m/z
  • Mass accuracy: 1 ppm RMS based on raffinose (527.1588 m/z)
  • Dynamic range: >4 orders of magnitude based on leucine enkephalin (m/z 556.2771)
  • Mass resolution: >40,000 FWHM based on bovine insulin (m/z 956)
  • MS sensitivity: 80,000 cps for 50 pg/µL leucine enkephalin

Atomic Echo