Intellectual Property

Atomic Echo Labs intellectual property experts offer litigation support for patent infringement challenges related to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and consumer electronics/consumer products claims. Atomic Echo Labs global scientific services help companies confront potential threats to their valuable intellectual property or to consumer safety, based on sound science and expert consultants.

Atomic Echo Labs technical experts design experiments, select appropriate analytical techniques and provide reliable data in a customized format for legal applications. We pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge and expertise, strict confidentiality, quick response, outstanding communication and consistent updates on your project’s status.

Intellectual Property

From first call to final results, Atomic Echo Labs IP experts focus on your concerns. This starts with a conflict check and/or NDA before the exchange of confidential information. Once conflict clears, Atomic Echo Labs schedules a technical discussion with appropriate expert scientists and engineers to identify objectives and determine analytical scope. Atomic Echo Labs laboratory procedures include established protocols for sample storage/handling and chain of custodies.

Atomic Echo Labs brings powerful scientific know-how on instrumental techniques, analytical project design and execution across materials, engineering and life sciences and patent litigation challenges. Atomic Echo Labs litigation support teams provide both testing and testimony, including case evaluations, review of opposing data, depositions and courtroom testimony.

Atomic Echo Labs services for intellectual property cases include:


  • Replication of a patented synthetic route
  • Impurity profiling and characterization of intermediates/products
  • Demonstration that an innovative product/process differs from generic product
  • Synthesis of API to help determine whether or not infringement exists
  • Hatch-Waxman/ANDA litigation support
  • Deformulation analysis towards product compositional infringement

We specialize in:

  • Analysis of inorganic and organic analytes
  • Assays, wet chemistry, chromatography, spectroscopy
  • Deformulation (reverse engineering)
  • Materials identification
  • Materials characterization
  • Surface analysis
  • Custom synthesis
  • Physical testing (abrasion, tensile, flex modulus)


From life science to technology challenges, Atomic Echo Labs vast technical resources, experienced expert scientists and engineers and dedicated litigation support staff can help your clients protect intellectual property.

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