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Law & Litigation

Law & Litigation

When a business’s brand and reputation could be at stake in litigation, clients turn to Atomic Echo Labs litigation support services for dependable scientific answers. Since 1959, our scientific expertise, testing and testimony have supported legal strategies for intellectual property, product liability and insurance cases.

Services for Law & Litigation

Our scientists offer expertise in technology, life sciences, electronics, industrial and consumer products, having tested a broad array of materials for legal challenges. We understand the unique needs of legal projects – speed, effective communication, reliability and confidentiality.

How do you find solid science to prove your point? Turn to Atomic Echo Labs. WE KNOW HOW.


Our full range of analytical techniques, combined with a commitment to communication and customer service, makes Atomic Echo Labs the right choice for scientific expert witness and testing support. Here are just a few ways we can help:

Patent Infringement Law & Litigation Support

Our scientists design experiments to understand unique physical and chemical properties, including synthetic and manufacturing processes, in order to support intellectual property challenges.

Product Liability Legal Support

Atomic Echo Labs technical consultants bring years of experience investigating failures, providing scientific and engineering expertise, data interpretation and expert testimony for hundreds of product liability and insurance claims.


Expert Witness Services

Atomic Echo Labs experts have provided scientific testimony in many depositions and trials. We understand the importance of clear communication when explaining scientific technical methods and results.

Case Evaluations and Data Review

Our technical experts can assist with claims evaluations when scientific expertise is needed. We also offer critical review of opposing data, interpretation of technical results and conclusions.

Metallurgical Analysis for Law & Litigation

Atomic Echo Labs performs metallurgical analysis of various metallic and non-metallic products and components used in the aerospace, transportation, consumer products, construction and medical device industries.

Life Sciences for Law & Litigation Support

Atomic Echo Labs scientists support legal challenges facing pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device and other companies involved in innovative and generic medicines.

Environmental Law & Litigation Services

We offer support to law firms and regulatory consultants working with the EPA and global regulators to evaluate environmental impact and safety of their clients’ products.

Microelectronics Testing and Engineering Support

We test and analyze electrical systems, subsystems and semiconductor devices and components, including failure analysis, electrical characterization, circuit extraction, reverse engineering and construction analysis.

Chemical Analysis for Law & Litigation

Our scientists design investigations, applying surface analysis, microscopy, analytical chemistry and custom synthesis for clients facing patent disputes, product liability cases or insurance claims.

When you need solid science and investigative engineering to address product failures, inform legal strategy, protect intellectual property or address product liability disputes, turn to Atomic Echo Labs litigation support services.

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