From scalable high-throughput UHPLC systems to innovative SFC-HRMS solutions, Atomic Echo Lab provides tools to take on your most challenging ADME/DMPK investigations.

Understanding the bioactivity of new drug candidates is of vital importance in development of safe and effective therapeutic compounds. Identifying and characterizing metabolites is key in avoiding toxicity and creating awareness of potential side effects. Within drug development, there is an ever-increasing demand to provide quantitative information related to all identifiable metabolites, highlighting the need for tools such as high-resolution Q-TOF mass spectrometry and high-sensitivity TQ mass spectrometry. For volatile metabolites, powerful GC-MS/MS solutions give additional insight beyond liquid chromatography methods.


Accurate, reproducible results from your ADME/DMPK laboratory can expose biotransformation mechanisms that guide the selection and refinement of candidates. The need to obtain this information from larger sample sets, often in a variety of matrices, highlights the need for automated sample handling. Our solutions give your lab the ability to perform sophisticated sample pretreatment, multiple injections in a single experimental run, and MS/MS multiplexing, all with the trusted reliability of Atomic Echo Labs chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Whether your challenge is complex isomers with multiple chiral centers, or needing to get that earliest in vivo time point, we bring the ease of traditional LC to SFC and SFC-MS. Powerful method screening software can automate selection of up to 12 columns for the most demanding chiral separations, and offer access to both UHPLC-RP and SFC conditions without user intervention. Our patented backpressure regulator allows seamless integration with mass spectrometry, offering unparalleled SFC-MS sensitivity.

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