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PROS / The plans include Puerto Rico as a domestic call.

CONS / The company isn’t always clear on what constitutes business use and what is reasonable use for minutes.

VERDICT / InPhonex is a good VoIP provider with flexible plans and basic features that should suffice for most internet phone users.

sybe medicalInPhonex is a small business VoIP company that provides internet phone service suitable for many types of phone setups, whether you need phone service for a one-line residence or an office with half a dozen extensions. The company provides a sufficient and affordable VoIP service, though you should be careful to understand the contract terms and conditions before signing up.

InPhonex’s home VoIP plans start at less than $10 a month, making this VoIP provider a good alternative if you’re on a budget. While there is a setup fee, there’s no cancellation fee if you opt to terminate your VoIP service. There are five plans to choose from, ranging from a pay-as-you-go plan to an unlimited world plan. InPhonex has calling to 67 countries around the world.

If you have heavy phone usage, especially internationally, check the terms of service or contact sales. The unlimited plan is based on reasonable use, but you might be surprised by extra charges because you exceed the number of minutes the company deems reasonable.

InPhonex offers 20 features with its plans, including call forwarding, call waiting and transfer, and virtual phone numbers. However, the service lacks speed dial, conference calling and many X11 service calls. It charges extra for 411 directory assistance. Fax service is available in the U.S. only.

The VoIP service does have a mobile app, enabling you to use InPhonex on the go, but if you want a softphone for making calls using your computer, you need to purchase pay-as-you-go, PC-to-phone, long-distance credits. The softphone option is only free in-network; i.e., if you are calling other people with an InPhonex account.

InPhonex delivers adequate help and support options. On its website, there are useful setup instructions for all of its adapters, plus a searchable FAQs section for troubleshooting technical problems. The instructions are simple and contain illustrations. If you want to contact the company directly, you may do so via telephone and chat or through your online account during normal business hours.


InPhonex can meet most VoIP needs. The service offers effective plans that provide variety and contain the most commonly used phone features. Despite some issues concerning the company’s definition of business and residential use as well as reasonable use, InPhonex is worth considering.

PROS / You get a free second line with this service.

CONS / ITP charges for mobile and softphone use.

VERDICT / ITP is a feature-rich service with strong customer service, but it charges for many features that other services include in their plans.

sybe medicalWith ITP VoIP service, you get free inbound calling to Canada and Puerto Rico with all plans and a free second line, making it especially useful for busy families or home businesses. It’s one of the most feature-rich services of all the providers we reviewed. However, it charges for some of the more useful features that other VoIP providers include in their plans.

ITP charges a setup fee that covers the cost of the phone router the service provides. While the fee isn’t expensive, many of the VoIP services we reviewed don’t charge a setup fee at all and include a router at no cost. This service also charges extra if you want a virtual phone number and a softphone. The mobile app, a useful feature for making cheap overseas calls on your cell phone, also costs extra. If you have a business and want to have a toll-free number, then you pay extra for that. Fax support costs extra, which might be a consideration if you have small business needs. Overall, ITP charges for more features than the other internet phone services on our lineup.

However, if you are interested in basic service in your home, ITP has a lot to offer. Standard features include call transfer, speed dial, caller ID, three-way calling, call waiting and 411 directory assistance. This internet phone service provider also includes some interesting features that help set it apart from the competition, including the ability to record calls, program a wake-up call and set up Do Not Disturb times that block all incoming calls. These are especially useful features if you are looking to use this service for a home office. This service integrates with Outlook, so you can make calls by clicking on the number in your contacts list.

Another great feature for a home business is the free second line. With this, you have only one phone number and pay for only one plan, but you can make and receive calls as if you had two separate phone lines. This is also useful if you spend a lot of time on the phone and need to make and receive a high number of calls.

ITP is relatively simple to use. The service provides detailed instructions for its phone adapters and a few user guides. However, the overall FAQs/Help section is not searchable and may require a lot of clicking to drill down to the answers you need. Nonetheless, you can get one-on-one support over the phone and through a customer support form on the ITP website. ITP scored the lowest in help and support. When we tried contacting this company over the phone, it took multiple attempts before we received helpful answers, and agents never called us back when they said they would follow up with our concerns.


ITP is good voice over IP provider. It delivers good performance, installation simplicity and features that are especially useful for a home business. It charges for many phone features that other services include in their plans but has some unique features no other service we reviewed offered. Overall, it’s a service worth considering.

PROS / Vonage VoIP service is easy to set up.

CONS / This service charges for some advanced features, like a virtual phone number.

VERDICT / Vonage is a longstanding, reputable service that offers good VoIP for local, long-distance and international calling.

sybe medicalStarted in 1999, Vonage is a household name and an industry pioneer from the early days of voice over internet protocol technology that provides internet phone services for residences and small businesses. While the growing popularity of VoIP services has given rise to many competitors, Vonage remains one of the largest and most well-known VoIP providers, and it’s a good option for affordable and feature-rich VoIP.

Vonage provides a wide range of residential and business plans. They vary in terms of price and offer minutes ranging from 400 to unlimited. As do most of the best VoIP service providers we reviewed, Vonage allows calls to Canada and Puerto Rico, but calls to other countries cost extra unless you get the World Plan. All in-network calls are free, and you can keep your original number.

Vonage offers deep discounts for signing up for an annual plan. However, the discounts are only for six months, then the price goes up to the regular monthly fee, plus a cancellation fee if you quit before the contract ends. Subsequently, you could end up spending more than you save if you choose to cancel the service.

In terms of features, Vonage competes well with other higher-ranking VoIP providers we reviewed, with standard call forwarding, call block, call transfer and speed dial. You also have access to most of the X11 services, like 411 Directory Assistance. If you need fax support or want to use your computer as a softphone, you need to pay extra. The service also charges if you want an extra line or toll-free number. Still, for standard home use, the features are ample.

Setting up your VoIP service with Vonage is a simple, three-step process that entails connecting the provided phone adapter with your high-speed internet connection. The basis of the service’s help and support options is its FAQs section, which is broken up into several different categories, including getting started and managing your account. The troubleshooting section is especially helpful because it asks you questions to get to the root of technical problems you may be experiencing. The Vonage website also provides useful customer forums, contact information and online video tutorials, which are particularly helpful when it comes to setting up the phone adapter.


Vonage can fit a wide range of internet phone calling needs, with multiple plans to choose from and handy features. If you also like the comfort of going with a known leader in VoIP services, then Vonage is worth considering, but be certain about the charges before signing the contract.

PROS / VOIPo has 711 calling ability for those with impaired hearing.

CONS / You pay international rates for calls to Puerto Rico.

VERDICT / VOIPo provides good internet phone service with special features that make it especially useful if you or someone in your home have impaired hearing.

sybe medicalVOIPo is one of the best VoIP service providers and offers over 40 features, such as industry standard internet phone services and a specialized extra feature that provides phone service for the deaf or hearing impaired. With lots of support options and good customer support, it’s a VoIP provider worth checking out.

VOIPo’s service plans are similar to those of most other internet phone providers, with one exception. Calls to Puerto Rico are charged at international rates because it’s an island. However, it provides 60 minutes of free international calling a month, so you can have limited overseas phone calls. It supports international calling to over 100 countries, ranking it the top business VoIP service in terms of number of nations you can call.

This VoIP service comes with 40 features, including call forwarding, the ability to choose your own area code and distinctive ringtones. You can get a virtual phone number, and your service comes with a free extra line, something not all companies provide. It also offers many small-business features useful for home businesses. However, conference calling is not one of them, although it does offer three-way calling. Fax support, though available, costs extra.

The one feature that stands out is its 711 Service, providing special access to the Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), which permits people with a hearing or speech disability to use their text telephones or other devices to make calls through VOIPo as long as they are connected via a standard telephone cord. Only a few of the top-ranked VoIP services we reviewed provide this service, so if you have this specific need, VOIPo is definitely worth checking out.

VOIPo does not have an app for cell phones or tablets. However, it does give you free softphone software and a portable device so you can take your VOIPo when you travel.

VOIPo is easy to install and has a thorough customer support section. The user guides don’t have illustrations or video, like you find with many higher-ranked internet phone providers, but they are clear and complete. You can contact customer support via email, phone and live chat during business hours. VOIPo puts its most experienced customer support agents to work on the email queries to give you quality support.


VOIPo provides good unlimited domestic plans and reasonable international rates, with great phone features for residents and businesses. Although it lacks a mobile phone app, it does come with a portable device and softphone. Further, the 711 feature makes this a good choice for those who are hearing impaired.

PROS / 8×8 offers features to give your home business a professional image.

CONS / The service charges for many features, such as community support lines and faxing, that other services include free.

VERDICT / 8×8 is worth looking into if you work from home and need to put forth a business image as well as get good home service.

sybe medical
8×8 is one of the best VoIP services and focuses on business rather than residential plans. It can work in a home and is worth considering if you have a home or small business. This service can provide cheap calls to 40 different countries, including cell phones in other nations. 8×8 offers custom internet calling plans, tailored to your business’s needs.

If you have a home business, it can include home VoIP with the office service. The 8×8 mobile app enables you to turn your mobile phone or tablet into a VoIP telephone. This app does more than just let you make cheaper calls when your phone is connected to the internet. With it, you can do everything you could do with your office phone using your mobile, including recording calls, viewing and deleting faxes, and even making video phone calls to other 8×8 users.

This internet phone service provides all of the essential calling features, including call waiting and caller ID. Further, it has call transfer and a free second line, useful features when using this service for your business or your house. For additional fees, you can set up more phone lines, obtain a toll-free number, and send and receive faxes using your VoIP line.

This service shines in the Fortune 500 features it brings to the home office. You can project the same professionalism of major companies with hold music and an auto attendant to direct calls and change your phone greeting between business and non-business hours. Plus you get conference calling that can include up to 15 people.

If you are interested in community service numbers, like 411 Directory Assistance or 511 Traveler Information, you must pay a small by-call fee. This may not be an issue if you don’t use these often, but they are a convenience provided by many other services.

8×8 provides you with numerous user guides and manuals, which are useful if you’ve never used VoIP before. It also provides a comprehensive FAQs section, which can help you troubleshoot any problems you run into during setup or while using the service. The instructions are illustrated, though there aren’t any videos, but the help site is not searchable. 8×8 also provides toll-free telephone support and live chat on the website during regular business hours. Also, when you sign up for 8X8, you receive personalized attention from an agent who helps you set up your account.


8×8 has a business VoIP focus and is not necessarily meant to provide voice over internet protocol for a home exclusively. However, the company can accommodate home and business in a combined plan that lets you get the best of both worlds. Because this VoIP solution focuses on office functions while including your residential phone service as well, it is especially well suited for home businesses.

PROS / The plans come with 60 minutes of international calling and free calls to Puerto Rico and Canada.

CONS / This service lacks conference calling.

VERDICT / Broadvoice delivers good VoIP services with many features that make it a useful service for most families.

sybe medicalBroadvoice is one of the best VoIP services on the market, with flexible plans that include free calling to Canada and Puerto Rico, a good feature set, and mobile and softphone support. It lacks a few advanced features, but with its unique extras that make it useful for home businesses or large families, it earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

Service Plans

sybe medicalBroadvoice VoIP provider scores top marks for its service plans, with several options to meet your needs and budget. The domestic plans break down by how long your contract is or if you pre-pay. The cancellation fee varies by how long you have had the account, but there is a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try out the service. Domestic plans include Canada and Puerto Rico, something not all VoIP services do, and give you an hour of free international calling each month.The international plans all have unlimited minutes, but the plans vary according to number of nations serviced. For example, the cheapest plan covers 28 specific countries while the most expensive plan covers 87. If you have particular nations you call regularly, be sure to check the lists before you commit to a plan.

You can choose a different area code from your current one. This allows people in that area code – a best friend or college-age child – to phone you without incurring long-distance rates. You can also keep your own phone number in most cases.

Calling Features

sybe medicalBroadvoice delivers most of the calling features we sought in business VoIP providers. Some of these include voicemail, caller ID and speed dial. The service also provides

selective call forwarding, a nice feature as it allows you to choose to forward calls that come from a certain phone number or that are made at a specific time of day. Thus, if you know you’ll be out of the house, you can get calls that come from your child’s school forwarded to your cell phone, or you can program the service to forward all calls to your cell phone when you are working outside the home. While it has several of the X11 services that families find useful, such as 511 Traveler information and 311 City Service, it does not have free 411 calls for directory assistance.It lacks call transfer, and while it has three-way calling, it does not offer conference calls. For most families, these are not vital features, but they are useful for home businesses. Other features useful for home businesses also incur additional expenses. These include a virtual phone number for your softphone or a toll-free number for your customers to call you.

All the plans, however, come with a cloned line, meaning you can have two phones operating independently on the same line. This is great if you have family members who like to talk a lot on the phone. They can chat with friends or family and you can still receive incoming calls or make a call yourself.

A standout feature for this service is the bandwidth saver, which reduces the bandwidth the phone needs. If your family uses the internet, this feature can help ensure clearer calls even during peak hours.

Phone Features

sybe medicalWhile Broadvoice doesn’t have all the calling features we look for, it does offer all the phone features for an internet phone service provider. The device is portable, so you can carry your service with you when you move or go on an extended vacation. If you have your own adaptor, such as from a previous service, Broadvoice may be able to accommodate it. The website lists compatible devices along with instructions for adapting them to this service.If you wish to make long-distance calls or even international calls using your cell phone, you can download the mobile app and use Broadvoice rather than incurring roaming charges from your cell phone provider. The softphone app lets you turn your computer into a phone as well, and it can integrate with Outlook for contact information. Fax support comes standard, which most VoIP providers charge extra for.

Help & Support

This internet phone service provider has several great support options. This VoIP service offers installation and troubleshooting information specific to a number of different devices, a searchable knowledgebase and a compilation of general FAQs. You can also get email support, call a technician for live help or make use of the live chat.


Broadvoice has all of the essential elements of a worthwhile VoIP provider, including unlimited calling and a rich repertoire of convenient and useful features. While it lacks some useful features, such as conference calling and call transfer, its other strengths make it a great choice for home VoIP service.

PROS / VOIP.com offers a free second line.

CONS / The service cancellation fee is high.

VERDICT / VOIP.com is a feature-rich internet phone service with excellent prices and good support. It’s one of the best VoIP providers we reviewed.

sybe medicalVOIP.com is one of the best VoIP service on the market, with domestic and international plans that work for homes or small businesses. All plans offer a free second line, an hour each month of free international calls and over 45 calling features. It has mobile and softphone capabilities included and great customer service. Despite a high cancellation fee, it has earned our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Service Plans

sybe medicalAll of VOIP.com’s plans include unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, plus an hour of free international calls. If you need more time per month to call out of the country, VOIP.com offers cheap minute-by-minute rates or a Global Plan with unlimited minutes to 75 nations.The difference in pricing depends on if you are willing to commit for one or two years or if you prefer to continue with the monthly rate. If you commit to a longer plan, bear in mind that the cancellation fee is steep. It does have a 30-day money back guarantee, however, so you have some time to try out the service, even if on contract.

Calling Features

sybe medicalBecause VOIP.com offers business VoIP as well as home VoIP service, it has a large feature set that it makes available to residents and business owners. Probably the most useful

features for the home include call blocking, speed dial and call transfer. The block function lets you program calls to go to voicemail or give the caller a busy signal.One of the best features for busy families or a home-based business is the second phone line. While this uses the same account and phone number, it allows you to have two independent calls going at the same time. Therefore, your daughter can talk with her friends even if you are expecting an important business call. VOIP.com also has conference calling so that you can talk to more than two people at once, a great option for a business meeting or group homework session over the phone.

This service also supplies virtual phone numbers and toll-free numbers. A virtual phone number allows you to assign a number to your softphone, which lets you use your computer as a phone instead of having a regular telephone. Another nice aspect of this is that you don’t have to use a number local to your area. If you have relatives or great friends elsewhere, you can choose your virtual number in their area, and they can call you at local rates. It costs a little extra each month but could mean big savings for your family or friends. If you should need a toll-free number – for example, if you have a home business – you can purchase one, but it also costs extra.

Phone Features

sybe medicalVOIP.com’s mobile app lets you take advantage of the service’s cheaper internet call rates when using your smartphone. You need Wi-Fi access, but you avoid roaming and international charges. If you want to have the ability to make calls on your computer, you can get the softphone option as well.Although VOIP.com supplies you with an adaptor, if you have a device from a previous service and want to keep using it, this service can accommodate several devices. It can also handle faxes.

Help & Support

sybe medicalThe installation is easy; you just plug the cables from your internet to your router and then to your phone or download the software for your computer softphone. If you have any issues,

such as with installation, features or billing, you can access a searchable knowledgebase online. You’ll find all the features and other instructions, often with illustrations. There are also forums you can check. If that’s not enough, however, you can chat with a service representative through live chat or by telephone. This VoIP provider scored high for customer service; this score is based on our interactions with the company via phone and email.


VOIP.com’s business-enhancing call features and excellent service also make it one of the best VoIP service providers for homes. The plans are comprehensive and come with an abundance of options to help you get the most from your phone service. The second line is a definite plus for busy families, and the mobile app means you can take your VOIP.com service wherever you go. This is an excellent internet phone service.

PROS / All plans include unlimited incoming minutes with select international calling.

CONS / Phone Power charges a high cancellation fee compared to other providers.

VERDICT / Phone Power is the best voice over IP service, delivering excellent plans, features and ease of use.

sybe medicalWith services ranging from single residential lines to hosted PBX systems for corporations, plus domestic and world plans, Phone Power provides a well-rounded VoIP service with solid features, impressive customer satisfaction and wide-ranging functionality. The plans offer unlimited minutes, a mobile app and softphone options. Although the cancellation fee is high, it earns the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

Service Plans

sybe medicalPhone Power offers Unlimited World and Unlimited plans for the U.S. and Canada. The domestic plan includes calls Puerto Rico plus 60 minutes of international calling a month, a great deal if you have a limited need to call overseas. Phone Power covers 75 different countries, and its unlimited world plans vary in price by how many countries are under the plan.Nearly all the services we reviewed say their unlimited plans take “reasonable use” into consideration, but this can cause confusion as to what “reasonable use” actually means. Phone Power is up-front about it. All incoming minutes are unlimited and the service offers a high outbound calling threshold of 5,000 minutes, or an average of two and a half hours of outbound phone time a day – plenty for most home and small business users.

You can keep your existing phone number or choose one in an area code different from the one you actually reside in. This means you can choose an area code near your family or friends you talk to often, and then, their calls will be considered local.

You can receive significant discounts if you choose an annual or two-year plan, but the cancellation fee is higher than most of the other business VoIP providers we reviewed. However, Phone Power does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if you are unsure about committing to this company, you can choose a month-to-month plan.

Calling Features

sybe medicalPhone Power’s voice over IP service is stocked with 50 calling features, including voicemail, caller ID and speed dial. One useful feature for large families or home businesses is

the free second line. This line uses the same phone number but lets you call out or take calls on two separate phones in the house, a handy tool you have a chatty teen or need to keep a line free for business. Combined with the free conference call feature, it makes it easy for colleagues to have business meetings, parents to chat with kids at college or gaming groups to coordinate their latest raid – all while leaving a line free to receive important calls or order out for pizza. Also useful are speed dialing and call transfer. You can assign the phones in your house their own extensions, so that if someone calls for your daughter, the call goes directly to her room’s phone.This internet phone provider also includes features ideal for businesses, such as fax support and conference calling. Conference calling differs from three-way calling in that it allows any number of callers to be on the same line. This is useful whether you’re coordinating with clients in a home business, having a PTA phonecon or just getting together the whole family to wish Grandma a happy birthday. Phone Power offers toll-free and virtual phone numbers, which are useful for home businesses, but it charges extra for these.

Phone Power provides 211 Community Service, which helps you find reputable after-school programs or specialized care programs for the elderly as well as other services in your area you might not be able to easily find in a phone book search. The 311 City Service line helps you find the right phone number for local government services. 411 Directory Assistance comes with a per-call charge, however.

Phone Features

sybe medicalPhone Power provides you with an adaptor to plug into your router for the service, but if you have your own, it can accommodate that. You should check the website to see if it supports the model you own. You can also use this service anywhere by taking the adaptor with you.With the mobile app, you can make VoIP calls on your smartphone. This proves useful when you’re on the go and need to make long-distance or international calls that would be cheaper through the VoIP service than your mobile carrier. You can also use the app to place calls through a tablet. If you are traveling and want to use the VoIP service with a landline, you can take the adaptor with you.

Help & Support

sybe medicalPhone Power is simple to install and use. Its online support center houses detailed documentation that describes every aspect of the service. You can read how to install the router,

softphone or app to begin making VoIP calls. Aside from installation instructions, there are also detailed FAQs and a knowledgebase you can search by topic or keyword. The instructions are concise and accompanied with helpful illustrations. If you need more help, you can contact Phone Power by email and through the live chat support on the website.The Phone Power website is easy to navigate. This internet phone service provides convenient online account management. You can track your minutes, purchase additional services and manage other account details through the website.

Phone Power scores high in support. When we interacted with support representatives via live chat, email and phone, we received reliable support and answers to even our most complicated questions.


Phone Power is the best VoIP provider, with simple, clear service plans and abundant features. With the exception of its steep cancellation fee, its service plans are competitively priced and include calling features that work well for homes or businesses as well as for local or international calling. Phone Power is an excellent internet phone service.

PROS / RingCentral allows conference calling that includes screensharing.

CONS / This service lacks a world plan, and even calls to Puerto Rico cost extra.

VERDICT / With great mobile functionality and features designed specifically for small businesses, RingCentral provides a flexible and well-rounded VoIP solution.

sybe medicalThis VoIP service is designed primarily for business professionals and is a good choice for home VoIP services as well, especially if you have a home business. RingCentral has basic plans offering unlimited minutes. Prices vary by additional features and toll-free minutes used. However, international calls cost extra. Further, this is one of the few VoIP services we reviewed that charges non-domestic rates for internet calls to Puerto Rico.

Though RingCentral lacks an international calling plan, it is business focused. It has a large number features that are useful for home businesses and small offices but may be more than you need for casual home use. You can get one toll-free number free, and there is just a one-time fee for a vanity number. One useful feature for home or office is Answering Rules, which allows you to program the system to forward particular calls to other numbers or even voicemail. For example, you can have calls from your husband’s office or kids’ schools forwarded to your cell phone, while anonymous calls, such as telemarketers, can forward to voicemail. However, it lacks is X11 support calls, such as 411 directory assistance.

One standout feature for businesses – or for kids needing to collaborate with friends on school projects – is the conference calling with screen sharing. If using RingCentral as a softphone or on your mobile device, you can arrange a web conference with other callers, share your screen and access cloud features, like DropBox. The number of people you can include in the online conference depends on the plan you get. The basic plan, which we focused on, allows you to add four people per meeting. The more robust premium and enterprise plans allow you to add 25 and 50 people per meeting, respectively.

Although this business VoIP comes with two numbers, one is for a fax line. If you want to use two lines, you need to purchase special phones. You cannot use your own adaptors, and the standard adaptor is the usual size for sitting on a desk.

The RingCentral website houses a FAQs section and several detailed tutorials and user guides, all of which you can access directly from your online account. The tutorials come with videos and written instructions. You can contact the company via telephone or through an online contact form. This service also has a community forum.


RingCentral is a good VoIP service for on-the-go business professionals and heavy home users. It charges for international calls, including Puerto Rico, but if your needs don’t extend beyond domestic calls, RingCentral is worth your consideration.

PROS / Customer services is helpful and very quick to respond.

CONS / When placing an options trade, there is a $34 minimum order fee no matter how many contracts you trade.

VERDICT / While this service offers many standard features, its fees are significantly higher, making it of lesser value than higher-ranked products.

sybe medicalSiebertNet provides an online trading platform where you can trade stocks, options, ETFs and bonds; monitor the market; and manage your positions. The platform is user friendly and easy to navigate, though it lacks some features that other services include. However, the most significant disadvantage to this online stock trading service is its fees.

The fee for trading stock online is $14.95 per trade, which is the highest of any service we reviewed. In addition, no matter the number of contracts you trade, there is a minimum order amount of $34. While some other services also have a minimum, it is closer to $13. The price per contract is also higher, at either $1 or $2. This service’s commission schedule for options pricing is more complicated than with other services, including charging higher prices for more expensive options, which no other service does. However, the fee for an options exercise or assignment is average at $14.95.

The lowest broker-assisted fee with this service is $21.00, which is average for comparable services, but the fee increases and changes depending on your order. Although fees are significantly higher relative to other services, SiebertNet has the best margin rates of any service we reviewed, starting at only 2% and dropping to as low as 0.75%.

SiebertNet provides you with some investment tools within the platform, including reports and graphs. There are alerts so you can set your desktop to notify you when a change in a stock occurs. This online broker offers streaming news, newsletters and analyst research reports so you can make educated decisions and better plan your trading strategies. Siebert offers research tools, including screeners, an ETF tracker and real-time analyst actions.

You can access the online platform from any smart phone browser, and you can download apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. With this mobile access, you can manage your account, trade stocks and options, monitor your positions, and utilize research tools.

There are fewer help and support options with this service compared to the best stock trading sites. However, the turnaround time for emails is impressive. Both times we contacted the service via email, we received same-day responses. You can also call customer service and read the FAQs page for general questions. The website provides some basic education on complicated investments, such as ETFs and options. There are also research tools and calculators at your disposal.


SiebertNet is a service that offers tools and features that are standard and expected from a discount broker. However, its pricing is notably higher than any other service on our brokerage comparison, making it a less desirable service.