Small Business Advice on Leadership

Understanding how to lead is an important ability for a small business owner, particularly when it can be difficult to receive good small business advice. The simple fact is that of the 26 million small businesses (less than 500 employees) in the US, only six million have employees. Of that six million, approximately 60 percent have less than five employees. Knowing how to effectively lead, motivate and manage is critical, especially when every hand counts. In developing your own leadership strategy, keep these aspects in mind:

In becoming a business leader, it is important to have set goals that can be measured.
Even something as common as training should have this same type of specified and measurable outcome, such as defining what success means, both for the team and the individual employee. By setting several smaller, attainable goals, every achievement will muster the confidence and morale of your staff, while every milestone provides a common focal point.

Ethics and Attitude
Developing a strategy toward business leadership also involves a high degree of courtesy? owning mistakes, apologizing for errors, keeping one’s word and giving as much as is asked. When business leaders incorporate these attributes, they set the pace for their respective teams. When employees see the business leader behaving the same every day, being just as courteous, just as level ?headed, just as hard working, they too will begin to adopt those traits. Setting this type of status quo should be a goal of any business leader.

Personal Involvement
Becoming a business leader also means retaining one’s stature. It is important not to be personally emotive; staff looks to the business leader to see how situations are to be managed effectively. It is important that the business leader’s personal life not intermingle with his professional life. When the business leader’s name is heard, it should invoke thoughts of what excellent work he does or what a good manager he is, not that he does the funniest impressions or that he offered the best marriage advice. In the same right, the business leader should never play party to personal attitudes that may arise.

Personal Agendas
When developing leadership strategies for a small business it is important to humbly represent the goals of the business, rather than personal agendas. Small business managers commonly have a tendency to manage more by personal inclination than business inclination, be it the selection of products to sell in a store or who gets compensated for drinks at a restaurant. Neither example represents the business as an entity. The good business manager examines sales, profit reports and market analysis to make those determinations.

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