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PROS / VOIP.com offers a free second line.

CONS / The service cancellation fee is high.

VERDICT / VOIP.com is a feature-rich internet phone service with excellent prices and good support. It’s one of the best VoIP providers we reviewed.

sybe medicalVOIP.com is one of the best VoIP service on the market, with domestic and international plans that work for homes or small businesses. All plans offer a free second line, an hour each month of free international calls and over 45 calling features. It has mobile and softphone capabilities included and great customer service. Despite a high cancellation fee, it has earned our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Service Plans

sybe medicalAll of VOIP.com’s plans include unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, plus an hour of free international calls. If you need more time per month to call out of the country, VOIP.com offers cheap minute-by-minute rates or a Global Plan with unlimited minutes to 75 nations.The difference in pricing depends on if you are willing to commit for one or two years or if you prefer to continue with the monthly rate. If you commit to a longer plan, bear in mind that the cancellation fee is steep. It does have a 30-day money back guarantee, however, so you have some time to try out the service, even if on contract.

Calling Features

sybe medicalBecause VOIP.com offers business VoIP as well as home VoIP service, it has a large feature set that it makes available to residents and business owners. Probably the most useful

features for the home include call blocking, speed dial and call transfer. The block function lets you program calls to go to voicemail or give the caller a busy signal.One of the best features for busy families or a home-based business is the second phone line. While this uses the same account and phone number, it allows you to have two independent calls going at the same time. Therefore, your daughter can talk with her friends even if you are expecting an important business call. VOIP.com also has conference calling so that you can talk to more than two people at once, a great option for a business meeting or group homework session over the phone.

This service also supplies virtual phone numbers and toll-free numbers. A virtual phone number allows you to assign a number to your softphone, which lets you use your computer as a phone instead of having a regular telephone. Another nice aspect of this is that you don’t have to use a number local to your area. If you have relatives or great friends elsewhere, you can choose your virtual number in their area, and they can call you at local rates. It costs a little extra each month but could mean big savings for your family or friends. If you should need a toll-free number – for example, if you have a home business – you can purchase one, but it also costs extra.

Phone Features

sybe medicalVOIP.com’s mobile app lets you take advantage of the service’s cheaper internet call rates when using your smartphone. You need Wi-Fi access, but you avoid roaming and international charges. If you want to have the ability to make calls on your computer, you can get the softphone option as well.Although VOIP.com supplies you with an adaptor, if you have a device from a previous service and want to keep using it, this service can accommodate several devices. It can also handle faxes.

Help & Support

sybe medicalThe installation is easy; you just plug the cables from your internet to your router and then to your phone or download the software for your computer softphone. If you have any issues,

such as with installation, features or billing, you can access a searchable knowledgebase online. You’ll find all the features and other instructions, often with illustrations. There are also forums you can check. If that’s not enough, however, you can chat with a service representative through live chat or by telephone. This VoIP provider scored high for customer service; this score is based on our interactions with the company via phone and email.


VOIP.com’s business-enhancing call features and excellent service also make it one of the best VoIP service providers for homes. The plans are comprehensive and come with an abundance of options to help you get the most from your phone service. The second line is a definite plus for busy families, and the mobile app means you can take your VOIP.com service wherever you go. This is an excellent internet phone service.

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