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PROS / All plans include unlimited incoming minutes with select international calling.

CONS / Phone Power charges a high cancellation fee compared to other providers.

VERDICT / Phone Power is the best voice over IP service, delivering excellent plans, features and ease of use.

sybe medicalWith services ranging from single residential lines to hosted PBX systems for corporations, plus domestic and world plans, Phone Power provides a well-rounded VoIP service with solid features, impressive customer satisfaction and wide-ranging functionality. The plans offer unlimited minutes, a mobile app and softphone options. Although the cancellation fee is high, it earns the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

Service Plans

sybe medicalPhone Power offers Unlimited World and Unlimited plans for the U.S. and Canada. The domestic plan includes calls Puerto Rico plus 60 minutes of international calling a month, a great deal if you have a limited need to call overseas. Phone Power covers 75 different countries, and its unlimited world plans vary in price by how many countries are under the plan.Nearly all the services we reviewed say their unlimited plans take “reasonable use” into consideration, but this can cause confusion as to what “reasonable use” actually means. Phone Power is up-front about it. All incoming minutes are unlimited and the service offers a high outbound calling threshold of 5,000 minutes, or an average of two and a half hours of outbound phone time a day – plenty for most home and small business users.

You can keep your existing phone number or choose one in an area code different from the one you actually reside in. This means you can choose an area code near your family or friends you talk to often, and then, their calls will be considered local.

You can receive significant discounts if you choose an annual or two-year plan, but the cancellation fee is higher than most of the other business VoIP providers we reviewed. However, Phone Power does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if you are unsure about committing to this company, you can choose a month-to-month plan.

Calling Features

sybe medicalPhone Power’s voice over IP service is stocked with 50 calling features, including voicemail, caller ID and speed dial. One useful feature for large families or home businesses is

the free second line. This line uses the same phone number but lets you call out or take calls on two separate phones in the house, a handy tool you have a chatty teen or need to keep a line free for business. Combined with the free conference call feature, it makes it easy for colleagues to have business meetings, parents to chat with kids at college or gaming groups to coordinate their latest raid – all while leaving a line free to receive important calls or order out for pizza. Also useful are speed dialing and call transfer. You can assign the phones in your house their own extensions, so that if someone calls for your daughter, the call goes directly to her room’s phone.This internet phone provider also includes features ideal for businesses, such as fax support and conference calling. Conference calling differs from three-way calling in that it allows any number of callers to be on the same line. This is useful whether you’re coordinating with clients in a home business, having a PTA phonecon or just getting together the whole family to wish Grandma a happy birthday. Phone Power offers toll-free and virtual phone numbers, which are useful for home businesses, but it charges extra for these.

Phone Power provides 211 Community Service, which helps you find reputable after-school programs or specialized care programs for the elderly as well as other services in your area you might not be able to easily find in a phone book search. The 311 City Service line helps you find the right phone number for local government services. 411 Directory Assistance comes with a per-call charge, however.

Phone Features

sybe medicalPhone Power provides you with an adaptor to plug into your router for the service, but if you have your own, it can accommodate that. You should check the website to see if it supports the model you own. You can also use this service anywhere by taking the adaptor with you.With the mobile app, you can make VoIP calls on your smartphone. This proves useful when you’re on the go and need to make long-distance or international calls that would be cheaper through the VoIP service than your mobile carrier. You can also use the app to place calls through a tablet. If you are traveling and want to use the VoIP service with a landline, you can take the adaptor with you.

Help & Support

sybe medicalPhone Power is simple to install and use. Its online support center houses detailed documentation that describes every aspect of the service. You can read how to install the router,

softphone or app to begin making VoIP calls. Aside from installation instructions, there are also detailed FAQs and a knowledgebase you can search by topic or keyword. The instructions are concise and accompanied with helpful illustrations. If you need more help, you can contact Phone Power by email and through the live chat support on the website.The Phone Power website is easy to navigate. This internet phone service provides convenient online account management. You can track your minutes, purchase additional services and manage other account details through the website.

Phone Power scores high in support. When we interacted with support representatives via live chat, email and phone, we received reliable support and answers to even our most complicated questions.


Phone Power is the best VoIP provider, with simple, clear service plans and abundant features. With the exception of its steep cancellation fee, its service plans are competitively priced and include calling features that work well for homes or businesses as well as for local or international calling. Phone Power is an excellent internet phone service.

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